Stabilize the production cost with world class access fittings at Abu Dhabi

The city of Abu Dhabi flourishes against the booming oil and gas industry of the city. The large oil refineries and gas industries of the city are looking towards increase in oil production at a stabilised investment. This process requires the use of cost effective and innovative accessories, like the access fittings from Crystal Industrial.

The access fittings used at the oil industries of Abu Dhabi are piping arrangements which permit access to pipelines and systems when these are under full operation. These access fittings from Crystal Industrial can work under high work pressure of 3,600 psi and hence eliminates the need of shutting down or depressurizing the system.

The access fittings delivered by Crystal Industrial at the oil and gas industries of Abu Dhabi consist of five important parts. The first being the cover of the access fittings body. This solid cover protects the external threads of the access fittings; these threads help in the retrieval of the corrosion monitoring tools.

The next is the plug attached to the access fittings; this plug may be solid or hollow depending on the device which is being installed or retrieved. The access fitting body is the next part which is permanently attached to the plant or pipelines. The last two parts attached to the access fittings used at Abu Dhabi are the service valves and the retrieval tools. These parts ensure safety when installing or retrieving the devices online.

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